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I apologize for falling behind on modly things. I'll get a masterlist up for the 12 Days challenge sometime this month, hopefully. (And catch up on fills, meep!) FYI: any wishes granted this month will be added onto the masterlist as late fills, in case anyone wanted to start/finish something they didn't have time for before.

Speaking of expired challenges, thought this would be a good time to point out that I've been going back and tagging old comment-fic memes and prompt-type challenges with the &prompts tag. This is just for easy browsing--if you're ever short on ideas, check it out. Just because the challenges are over doesn't mean you can't snag the prompts and run away with them.
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12 Days is coming up fast! A little less than a month before we get started. If you haven't submitted a wish list, or still want to add to yours, you've got until Dec 13th to do so. Remember, the sooner you submit your wishes, the more time people have to grant them. And, wishing for yourself or not, don't forget to check out the masterlist of wishes and see if anything inspires you. Also, we've still got 7 days left to claim. Leading a day is super, super easy, so anyone who may be interested can check that out here.

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In other news, I'm trying to get a Reverse Bang set up for the DA fandom and, barring complications, should be ready to open sign-ups in January. So, hey! Artists. ::cough::headstart::cough:: Given the size of our little fandom, I'm still trying to suss out the maximum number of separate prompts each artist can submit, but I do know the minimum will be at least 2. If you've got any input on that, or other questions/comments, fire away.

Last but not least, anyone interested in co-modding the challenge, or making promos, or whatever else you can think of, would be so, so very appreciated, and should PM [livejournal.com profile] dollarformyname at your earliest convenience. <3
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All right, here we go! Check out these wishes and see if you can make someone's day that much brighter.

  • There's no need to claim. If something inspires you, have at it.
  • Any wishes you grant should be posted Dec. 14th through Dec. 25th.
  • To submit your own wish list, if you haven't already, go here. You have until Dec. 13th to do so, and I'll do my best to add wishes to the masterpost as they come in.
  • If something is wrong with your wishes, or you have a question that would blow your anonymous cover, PM [livejournal.com profile] dollarformyname or the [livejournal.com profile] da_mod account. All other questions and comments go here.

FYI: Each wish is assigned a letter and a number. For example, the first person's wish list will be assigned the letter A, and its subsequent wishes will be numbered A-1 through A-12. Second person would be B-1 through B-12. And so on. I assume it'll be easy enough for wishers to recognize their own wish list and take note of their letter. This way, anyone granting a wish can add a note to their post that they're granting, say, wish D-10, making it easier for wisher D to recognize one of their wishes has been granted. Make sense?

Wish Lists )
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This is where you let us know what you're wishing for in Dark Angel Land this winter. You can comment under your LJ account, or anonymously—it doesn't matter. To keep all wishes anonymous, comments to this post are screened. Wishes will be added to a public masterlist as they come in.

A few things to keep in mind. )

Example of a wish list. )

If you have any questions, please ask them here. The only case in which I'll reply to comments in this post is if I have a question about one of your wishes and can't ask you via PM (i.e. you commented anonymously). In any case, all original comments will remain screened.

The posting period has commenced, and wish list submissions are now closed. Here's hoping your wishes come true. Happy holidays!
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  • All you have to do is post one little DA thing—any little DA thing—on your claimed day(s). That's it, that's all, easy-peasy.
  • Claiming a day does not mean you can't also post on other days. If you're granting a wish, for example, won't be finished by your claimed date but will be finished by the end of the challenge, you're free to post a rec (or whatever) for your day, and your granted wish later on.
  • To volunteer, just comment to this post with the date(s) you'd like to claim, and I will add your name to the list.
  • If you need to cancel/change your date for any reason later on, please let me know ASAP.

Dates to claim. )

I thought I'd lead by example, but if anyone would rather have the 14th, just say so. I'm perfectly fine claiming a different day.
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It's here! \o/ I'm starting this a little earlier this year, so anyone interested in participating has a little more time to work on things.

What it is. )

How it works. )

Promote this. )

Questions? Comments?
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Okay this might be TMI, but I wanted people to know that my love and commitment for the comm hasn’t wavered, but rather my rl has taken precedence.

A brief update: for those that don’t know my mom’s been aggressively fighting lung cancer with Chemo/radiation since August. Unfortunately it’s not the old adage of: no news is good news. On Oct 23th we got the results of mom’s PET scan sadly the chemo/radiation was minimal help and the cancer has spread into her bones. Worse is the timeline, maybe a couple of months - I honestly thought we’d have more time. Last Saturday she was admitted into hospice. To say it’s been difficult would be an understatement!

Outside of work I spend every moment I can with her, and I can’t tell you how much I hate that I have to work.

Anyhoo let me get to the main purpose of this post, I wanted you guys to know my love of fandom hasn’t slipped but why I have been silent and as I go through this it’s more than likely I will continue to be quiet on the fandom front. This brings me to the upcoming challenge of 12 Days – I serious doubt I’ll be involved, have the energy or a clear mind to run it.

That said, this doesn’t mean you can’t have it- however I don’t want to dump things on [livejournal.com profile] dollarformyname and add more work to her plate – As a group if the majority of you want to have/participate in 12 Days, please throw in your hat and let your voice be heard – let [livejournal.com profile] dollarformyname know… I’ll still around, but my activity level will be like it is now nearly nonexistent. When I can I will work on tags, but that’s probably all I’ll do.

I know that everyone here loves DA and there's a core group that participates - since I'm giving you all a early heads-up maybe that'll give a few of you more time that you could participate...

(Sorry for the near identical x-post to both groups of slashing_lorne & jam_pony_fic too lazy/tired and rushed to write this up twice)
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Hey, guys! I wanted to apologize again for neglecting the comm a little bit lately, but hopefully we can try to remedy that, here.

SEASONAL ROUND-UPS: The newsletter I was planning kind of fell through the cracks. Interest seemed low and RL got messy, so I let it fall by the wayside. I'm in the process of compiling a kind of summertime round-up, though, for all the Dark Angel fanworks that were posted to the comm over the summer. And maybe include relevant challenges, like the Dark Angel BB? We'll see how that goes over. If it's a hit, I'd be THRILLED to get some volunteers to help keep it going with other seasonal round-ups (fall, spring & winter). I can give you a template to work from—it's fairly simple, I think (similar to the Summer Fest Masterlist), so anyone who's interested in possibly doing that, please let me know.

RECS: Just read something awesome and need to share instantly? The last few themed recs posts garnered little-to-no interest, so I've pretty much decided to let that go. The existing posts will stay up, and if anyone wants to add new recs to them, that's fine. Also, there is a general category: recs tag, so you can post recs directly to the comm if you'd prefer. In fact, have a template:

Reccing template. )

DIY FUN: Given your mods are being buried in RL, anyone who's looking for some kind of Dark Angel challenge or meme where none are happening, and don't want to do it in their personal journal, feel free to let us know via PM or comments! I'm happy to let members host/organize stuff like that themselves on the comm whenever the mods are too busy. I can share existing templates, or help come up with guidelines/organization, if wanted/needed, or you can feel free to handle all that yourself. Just make sure to abide by the basic comm rules, and to ask first, so we can make sure there are no scheduling conflicts. Having people throw simultaneous comment-fic memes, for example, might be slightly confusing and counterproductive.

LINKS: Just a quick FYI, I've updated the sidebar with links to the latest goings-on, and other DA comms you might be interested in checking out, if you haven't already.

QUICK POLL: Check all that apply.

[Poll #1870598]

Lastly, don't forget the suggestion box is always open. Drop in and give us your thoughts anytime.
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Today's the deadline for all your summer fest fills. As long as it's still Oct. 3rd somewhere in the world, you're good to go.

You CAN still post fills after today--they just won't be added to the masterlist (which should go up sometime tomorrow). I'll make an exception, however, for anyone who knows they only need an extra day, week, etc. to get it done, and would like to be included on the masterlist. Just comment or PM me to let me know how much longer you'll need, and I'll make a note to add you later.

Aaaand, late or not, remember to use the .challenge: summer fest 2012 tag, so your entry is easy to find.

Hope everyone had fun with this challenge!
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Click the banner to go to the claims post.

Just a quick reminder that our summerfest is soon coming to a close, so claim while the claiming's good, if you haven't already. Claims will close Sept. 3rd. One of the mods will compile a masterlist around Oct 3rd, so you'll have an extra month to work on fills.

If you don't make it on time you can still post fills after the due date—we want all the fanworks we can get, so we'll take late over never—but they won't be added to the masterlist. We're all about making things as low-pressure as possible.

I think I'm going to go ahead and allow additional claims, too. There are so many delicious prompts and so few participants, so if you've already claimed something and haven't finished it, but you're made of the kind of awesomesauce that can take on more, go for seconds and thirds. Limit of three open prompts per person, meaning you can claim three in a row without finishing one first. There's still no limit to how many times you can claim when you're posting fills as you go.

Remember, you only have to write a minimum of 200 words for fic. You can also make art, vids, etc. for pretty much any of the prompts.
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Hey, all! I apologize on behalf of [livejournal.com profile] denyce and myself for not being around much. We've both been swamped with RL badness, and we may be looking to get some help soon if it doesn't let up.

In the meantime, I'm playing around with tags. I'd like the comm to be as easily searchable as possible, so I've added a few new tags that have to do with tropes/kinks. Since that type of stuff can be kind of all over the place, I just distinguished them from other tags by putting a plus sign in front of them. I haven't actually added much yet, so more suggestions for tropes/kinks/other random category are more than welcome.

Also, if you're posting something and can't find a tag you want on the list, you can a.) make a note to the mods about it in the entry, and tag it with help: tag request, or b.) comment on this entry. I'll be tracking that tag and this post, so you should get a somewhat timely response.
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I've been super busy and sick and neglectful and I'm sorry. But don't worry, I'm back now to browbeat you remind and update everyone about stuff and things. \o/

♦ This month's themed rec post is up, in case you missed it, and the theme is heat. Yessss. Any DA character dealing with/going into heat is all the requirement there is--any pairing, any genre, any kink, and don't forget crossovers and fusions are always welcome--so come rec all those scorching fics, art, vids, etc. I know you've got some, don't be stingy.

♦ Our first quarterly newsletter should go up around April 1st, so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, if you'd like to help out, just go over to [livejournal.com profile] da_watch and check out the posts to see if you've got anything to contribute. Any new off-site content (meaning Dark Angel stuff not found on LJ) you might have run across lately on FF.net, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. would be especially appreciated.

♦ I see that [livejournal.com profile] denyce has done a fantastic job of pimping the [livejournal.com profile] darkangel_bb , but I'm plugging it again real quick-like, anyway. GO SIGN UP.

♦ Looking for something to amuse yourself, but don't want to commit to a big challenge? The last comment-fic meme still has a bunch of lonely, neglected prompts looking for fills, so swing by and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Aaand, finally. A quick poll, just for reference's sake when deciding on future challenges and such. Never mind! I screwed up the poll and LJ won't let me fix it without creating a new entry, apparently. I'll do it another time, when I'm not all sleep-deprived. I apologize.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled internet-ing.
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The monthly rec post will be closing next Sunday, Feb. 5th. If you've got any favorite crossovers you haven't recced yet, we'd love for you to share. I may do a poll for which theme to use next ('cause choosing is haaard), and I'll try to get the next one up on the 6th. As always, if you've got a theme you'd like to see that hasn't already been mentioned, tell us about it. Check out the theme suggestion post to browse/add themes.

In related news: last call to get in those last-minute prompts, if you've got any. I'll be closing out the latest comment-fic meme to new prompts some time tomorrow. It will remain open to fills indefinitely, though, so feel free to hop over there and write for a prompt any old time.

Also, I'm probably going to cancel picture prompt weekends, and possibly adjust it for a more formal one-time challenge later. Interest is pretty much nonexistent, and the timing/frequency of it is kind of crazy, in retrospect. Trial and error, yeah? Sometimes my enthusiasm overrides my common sense. XD

Last but not least, sign-ups for the [livejournal.com profile] darkangel_bb will be starting up in March. The schedule is here. Check it out, get excited, write some stuff!
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Just a quick reminder about current happenings, and one upcoming thing.

It's the weekend, so if you get a chance, throw some picture prompts up, comment to other people's pictures with spinoff prompts, and see if you manage to be inspired. Find out how it works here.

Also, don't forget to rec us your favorite Dark Angel crossovers at this month's themed rec post.

Last but not least, I'm planning to open up a comment-fic meme on Monday. It's just gonna be a general one, so pretty much any DA character/theme goes. Hope to see you there!
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So, thanks to some suggestions from our lovely members, I've come up with a little challenge that I hope will be laid-back and low pressure for everyone, and hopefully inspires people to write, make art, etc.

I realize not everyone will participate all the time, and maybe I'll be the only one posting after a while, but the point is simply to have some form of inspiration around when no other challenges are going on, for people to come in and take advantage of as it suits them.

Also know that combining suggestions all willy nilly is not my lazy way of circumventing more involved challenges. This is just something for all of us to do while we mods get a little more organized.

Here's how it works:

Picture Prompt Weekends )
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Are you watching the comm like a hawk? 'Cause you should be!

The themed recs post is coming up within the next hour or so, after I finish a work thing I gotta do. I'm so excited to read all the things you guys are gonna post! You're gonna post ALL THE THINGS, OKAY?

Also! I've come up with a weekend challenge that I think could be really fun. It's gonna be pretty low-pressure and simple, I hope, and equal opportunity enjoyment for authors and artists. Mostly, I just want people to inspire each other and get that old Dark Angel creativity cranking again. I'll probably get that going in the morning, or even later tonight 'cause I'm impaaatient. It will run all weekend, every weekend, and EVERYONE WILL COME AND PLAY.

Don't try to kill my optimism, guys, it doesn't work. :P

Lastly (and not that importantly), I changed the layout again., but I promise I'll stop soon. I'm just trying to find something that's not an eyesore and isn't hard to read/navigate, so please bear with me. :)
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I just wanted to mention a couple of things –

First up, search requests are allow. We only ask that you use the tag: help: fic search

Second as you can see, we’ve made several changes: with the goal to shake things up in order to get more DA involvement and participation from the group. If you have any thoughts/ideas you'd like to express please head on over to the: suggestion box, it's always open.

With that said I’d like to introduce myself – a little late but please bear with me. My name is Denyce, initially denyce36 when I joined LJ back in ’03. Back then my main fandom was BtVS/AtS. Since then I’ve been in and out of several fandoms sadly none of them were Dark Angel. I’m definitely a late comer to DA and it wasn’t until I got involved with SPN and flipped for Jensen Ackles that I discovered DA. However DA isn’t just a passing fandom, it’s a fandom that I have a muse for – meaning my love for it isn’t going away anytime soon =)

However I am a multifandom slut, and have other fandoms that pull at me. Also unlike my co-Mod I’m not as organized or very good at multitasking. Meaning you’ll probably see her around more so than me. Atm, I’m focused – kicking my muse, trying to focus (in another fandom) on a piece that’s due mid Jan.

So I’m here and thoroughly enjoying all the conversations and ideas, but atm because I have (need) to finish this other piece - my attention has to be there. I’m posting this so you know and that [livejournal.com profile] dollarformyname knows – I trust her judgment; she doesn’t have to ask me for every little thing before she does something. I love the respect, but I also know she gets nervous and thinks that maybe she’s stepping on my toes, she’s not! Why I’m making this a public post to shoo those doubts away.

We’re on the same page of loving Dark Angel and want the DA fandom on a whole to flourish. Please know I’m actively involved every step of the way I just may not be as visible as my co-Mod.

However once I’m done with this piece, I’ll return ready to jump back in with both feet =)
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Hey, all! I've already started to implement a few things because I'm a hopelessly optimistic overachiever. :DDD

Dark Angel Newsletter )

Monthly Themed Rec Posts )

Other Suggestions and General Plans )

All right, I'm done rambling now. Happy New Year!
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Suggest themes for our monthly themed recs here. This post does not expire.

For more info about themed recs, go here
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I hope to keep things rolling (actively) throughout the year, so please use this time to offer suggestions. What do you want to see here on [livejournal.com profile] jam_pony_fic? What activities would you participate in? What challenges have you seen in other fandoms, comms that you think might work here?

Throwing out a few ideas to discuss - a quarterly newsletter? A Dark Angel bingo? A fic exchange?

((Side note, I'm back at work tomorrow and I think I'm sick - though I have to work so I'm ignoring it! This just means I might be a little slow in replying))


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