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Posting this to the comm so the wisher has a better chance of seeing it.

WISH: J-4. Fic: Alec/Logan - accidental imprinting.

FIC: The Boy Who Found His Name
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I'm so sorry this is late! And also of little use to anyone now that Christmas is over (screw youuuu, LJ). :( But, uh. I'm posting it anyway.

Grants wish E-3. Holiday icons – all major characters wearing a santa hat, elf hat, dressed in holiday ribbons, etc. Hope the wisher likes it.


1 banner, 70 icons.
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I maybe went a little overboard and yet didn't stray far from the same theme. I was actually pretty nervous about these until my sister peered over my shoulder and said, "Is that that Supernatural guy?", and then I counted it as a win.

xmasalec5 alec23 alec4
I hope you like these, Wisher A!

20 or 30 (...crap there are almost fifty) more under the cut )
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Title: “I’ve been flyin’, Ain’t no denyin’”

Author: ladyarcherfan3[livejournal.com profile] ladyarcherfan3

Rating: PG-13 for some language, show level

Disclaimer: I own nothing, but the muse owns me.

Notes: Dark Angel/Supernatural crossover.  From Two through Fuhgeddaboudit for Dark Angel and post The French Mistake for Supernatural

Summary: C-3. FIC or VID or ART: SPN/DA crossover; stalker!Impala. There's this car that keeps turning up: huge, black, beautiful. Everywhere he goes, Alec spots it, covets it, thinks about stealing it and taking to the open road for no good reason. It'd be real easy, too, given there never seems to be a driver.  Title from Led Zepplin's Kashmir


Read more... )

I also had put together a vid for the idea.  The fic and vid are the same story, just different formats.  I was playing with the plot bunny and some editing techniques.  So hopefully you enjoy.  Text and title from Led Zepplin's Kashmir. 

Vid Here )
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Title: By Thy Help I'm Come
Author: downjune
Characters/Pairing: Max/Alec, Original Cindy
Rating: pg-13
Word Count: 1700
Disclaimer: Not mine, not even a little
Summary: "Even though we were made, we're still real. We deserve real things just like everybody else."

Notes: Sort of a combination of two prompts: K-2. Alec/Max or gen. Give me something happy with the transgenics and Christmas. And G-1. Fic. Max/Alec, or gen Alec doesn't get gift giving. Max used to agree.

Title is from the Sufjan Stevens version of the hymn "Come Thou Font of Every Blessing." While I don't think the transgenics are a particularly religious bunch, I think the themes of feeling lost and finding purpose together fit them well. Listen to the song while you read! It is just about perfect, imho.

Happy Holidays!

By Thy Help I'm Come
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So, here's what happened. I started to go through the wishlist and practically every single fic prompt spoke to me. Now, I am able to write fairly fast, but no one can write that many full-length fics in a few weeks :P So, I started writing ficlets for every fic prompt on the list. These are the ones for wisher A. I hope you like them!

I have no idea if I will be able to finish them all before the 25th (I am working on it!), but I will be able to do it before the end of the year, so hang in there with me ;)

Blanket warning: Most of these are PG-13, but read the prompt before reading the story so you won't get any nasty surprises.

A-2. Max helps Alec after the scene with Rachel in Berrisford Agenda )

A-4. Just because the economy is crap doesn't mean the spirit of Black Friday is dead. Alec is out trying to find Max the perfect gift, and doesn't understand what the hell is happening. )

A-5. Priestly and Alec meet. )

A-6. Alec is spending a depressing Christmas alone. At least until Max surprisingly shows up. )

A-7. Alec is sick of seeing Max upset over being on again, off again with Logan. She deserves better. He's going to prove it to her. Cue Alec giving his best attempts to woo Max with romance. )

A-8. Sketchy has hung mistletoe up somewhere at Jam Pony. Somehow Alec and Max end up underneath it at the same time and now have to kiss. They try their best but fail to get out of it as none of their co-workers will let them. The pair is surprised by the sparks they feel upon kissing. )

A-9. Max convinces Alec to grow his hair to cover his bar code after a close call. Alec hates it. Max is surprised to find she doesn't. )

A-10. Alec ends up in the hospital with a serious injury/illness. It doesn't look too promising, at least at the beginning. It makes Max realize just how much she cares about him. )
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edit: so, I found the master wish post, and it kinda fits one or two of the F series wishes.  kinda.  I hope.

internet has been spotty, as has been real life, so i gave you all gift art. it's a wall paper :)

*click teaser for wallpaper.

so, i know i should be stressed an all for not looking at wishlists, but...

^doctor who reference

happy holidays!
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These are Icons done for:

WISH D-2 Icons: Alec (preferably shirtless or smiling :P)


The entry can be found here @OverTheHills

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Title:  Logan & Alec - Rub-a-Dub-Dub
Pairing:  Logan/Alec
Rating: PG-13
Wish:  I-6. Fic/Art. Alec/Logan domestic fluff. Boys relaxing in a bathtub :) Logan isn't walking in this one.
A/N:  I hope the wishee enjoys this.  I had fun once I found this awesome tub!  I'm pretending Logan and Alec are undercover at some very cool Japanese Love Hotel but are taking a well deserved break!  ; )

See Piccy )
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Due to a lack of LJ account, I'm posting this to the comm for the fabulous and lovely noCek over at tumblr, who has dropped in to grant wish D-4. Chibi!art: Wee!Alec and wee!Ben unwrapping Christmas presents. With bonus chibi!Joshua and chibi!Max!

The art can be found here. IT IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING, so be sure to leave some love. If you can't do so there (I still don't know how tumblr works, guys /o\), you're obviously free to leave some here.
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Hello and welcome to the Third Day of Dark Angel. I'm using LJ's scheduled posting to publish this entry, so forgive me if anything looks wonky~ ♥

I'm granting two wishes, both fanmixes. I hope the recipients like them.

Caveat: I'm sure a few of you know me by now, but any and all pithy/callous commentary has no bearing on the absolute love in my heart for this series (or anything I summarize/mix/whatever.)

Cover: 500x500 )

H-1 fanmix. ben/alec, set based around an au universe that ben didn't die and was taken back to Manticore where he was brought back, but escaped during the fire and meets his twin along with a few life lessons along the way.

I decided to make this mix at the very last minute, and it was something of a challenge. See, I'd already sort of done this, albeit for my own fanfic. Not to mention I'd already decided to grant the Alec fanmix wish. So the big challenge here was to get the same feelings across without repeating songs. @__@ I'll let you decide how well I did.

no more silent voices to whisper in your ear )

Cover: 500x500 )

Wish D-1: an Alec Fanmix.

Of the three I've done recently, this mix was the hardest. It didn't help that I'd basically blown my load on other mixes. I tried my best, though, even if I can't seem to decide if my mixes are background noise, or outright what the characters are thinking. Maybe a bit of both?

Regardless, no personal fanon in this mix. (Well, not much, anyway.)

cut the losses and run )

You know what's awesome? Music is awesome.


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