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Title: Ashes To Ashes (1/1)
Fandom / Genre: Dark Angel / Humor
Pairing(s): Gen (premise of Alec/OCC)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~ 800
Warnings: One or two f-bombs, sexual innuendo, OCC
Spoiler warning: None
Beta: Not beta’ed
A/N: This came to me tonight after seeing the picture prompts challenge and this picture. It has almost nothing to with the picture, but it did set this whole thing in motion, so I figured it would do :P There's a whole story to accompany this already in the works (muses running wild).

Fic on my journal!
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My second one behind the cut, because it has a rather obscene gesture in it :P

Pic down here! )
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My first pic for the weekend. Taken from: http://wpms2063.com/images/isg
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My first contribution for the weekend:

Larger version and picture credit:

And just to help kick this off, here are a few examples of how this could be interpreted: coming storm, adventures in traveling, ominous future...
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So, thanks to some suggestions from our lovely members, I've come up with a little challenge that I hope will be laid-back and low pressure for everyone, and hopefully inspires people to write, make art, etc.

I realize not everyone will participate all the time, and maybe I'll be the only one posting after a while, but the point is simply to have some form of inspiration around when no other challenges are going on, for people to come in and take advantage of as it suits them.

Also know that combining suggestions all willy nilly is not my lazy way of circumventing more involved challenges. This is just something for all of us to do while we mods get a little more organized.

Here's how it works:

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