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The vid muse is alive! I've been working on this one for months, and finally got it done.  And I'm freaking proud of it.

Title: "Maybe I'm a Different Breed"
Vidder: ladyarcherfan3
Rating: PG to PG-13 for show level violence
Characters: Max, Ben, Alec
Notes: Song is "Sail" by AWOLNATION.  There is some dialogue that gets a bit quiet, so headphones work well.

Vid Here
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Title: Ever After
Rating: G
Disclaimer: It's not mine, but I still wish it were, even after all this time.
Genre: Romance/Humor/Family
Pairing: Max/Alec
Type: One-Shot
Spoilers: Takes place after "Freak Nation," so spoilers for almost everything before that.

Summary: A story like hers could never have a happy ending…at least, she hadn't thought so. Max POV. Written in snapshots. Lighthearted.

A/N: This has been hanging around on my computer for years, but I never seemed to be able finish it. But, praise God, I wound up inspired to complete it for the [livejournal.com profile] christianfanfic het_marriage promptathon. :) (Shameless plug - it's running for the whole month of June, so if you're inspired, come and join the fun! All fandoms and het pairings welcome.) Also, this fic is fluff. Almost complete and total fluff, lol. But I like to think of it as fluff with an edge. ;)

A/N2: This fic is also a slightly belated birthday present for my very dear friend and sister in Christ, [livejournal.com profile] roselani24. Happy Birthday!

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Title: For One Night
Artist: cassiopeia7
Author: [livejournal.com profile] antrazi
Pairing: Alec/Lux
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Alec and Lux indulge in a one-night stand. PWP.
Wordcount: 3028
Warnings: Painplay, Bloodplay, Biting, Rough sex, Anal sex, Erotic electrostimulation, Magnets.
Written for [livejournal.com profile] da_reversebang
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Title: Alright
Artist: tattooeddevil
Author: antrazi
Genre: Gen
Wordcount: 3280
Summary: Contrary to what he says, Alec is not always alright. And sometimes he needs a bit help.
Written for [livejournal.com profile] da_reversebang
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Title: Hour of Deliverance
Pairing: Alec/Logan, Ben/Logan, OMC/Logan, past Logan/Max
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-con/dub-con, rape, mostly implied but some graphic violence and torture, language, m/m slash
Word Count: ~24k
Summary: Logan is kidnapped by an organization called the Phoenix, and tortured for information that could stop Max from putting the brakes on the impending human apocalypse. When none of the usual means of extraction work, they bring in someone capable of breaking Logan down in more ways than one. Except maybe this someone isn’t completely immune to Logan himself.
Author Notes (1): Written for [livejournal.com profile] da_reversebang prompt 115 by the multi-talented [livejournal.com profile] k8bnimble. Artwork here.

LJ   |   AO3
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Title: On the Wind to a New Day
Pairing: Alec/Logan, past Logan/Max
Rating: R
Warnings: mild violence, language, m/m slash
Word Count: ~13,700
Summary: After the revolution, Alec must re-do his life: new apartment, two jobs, a lot of reconstruction, and a young man discovering himself. But there’s one thing Alec wishes he could go back to, one thing that gives his life meaning and purpose. If only he can convince Logan to see it his way.
Author Notes: Written for da_reversebang 2013, gorgeous art prompt here. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] novakev for the beta!

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Title: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
Characters: Dean/OFC, Sam/OFC, Alec, Ben, Dark Angel Crossover
Spoilers: None
Rating: T
Warnings: AU. For this fic I changed the DA time line. The pulse has already hit and Alec is out of Manticore in 2009
Summary: Dean and Sam are on a hunt outside of Seattle when they come across a young boy who looks remarkably like Dean.

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Title: trees that do not hide 16/16

Rating: FRT
Spoilers: 3x06 Haven; all of Dark Angel
Characters+pairings: Haven - all season three characters, canon pairings/gen-ish; Dark Angel - Alec and Logan, Alec/Logan

Summary: Logan and Alec’s first week in Haven went well. Their second not so much.

Disclaimer: Neither show belongs to me. The title comes from a song by Franke Potente on the "Run Lola Run" soundtrack.
Notes: In order to make this work, I’ve had to bend a few universes. This is story is set in the Dark Angel universe, but moved forward 10 years...ie the Pulse happened in 1999 and all the (DA) characters were born ten years earlier...so this story happens in 2010 (which is when Haven is set).

Written for [livejournal.com profile] yanzadracan in [livejournal.com profile] xover_exchange. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] forhimxx for the beta.

trees that do not hide 16/16
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Title: Sometimes
Series: Sojourn
Rating: R
Pairing: none mentioned. Alec/Biggs implied
Warning: Crossover, Dark Angel (AU)/Supernatural
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Dark Angel, both belong to their respective owners. All Original Characters belong to me, all rights reserved and all lefts reversed.
Summary: Sometimes, he wasn't sure which team his little brother played for.

Comments are love.

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Posting this to the comm so the wisher has a better chance of seeing it.

WISH: J-4. Fic: Alec/Logan - accidental imprinting.

FIC: The Boy Who Found His Name
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I'm so sorry this is late! And also of little use to anyone now that Christmas is over (screw youuuu, LJ). :( But, uh. I'm posting it anyway.

Grants wish E-3. Holiday icons – all major characters wearing a santa hat, elf hat, dressed in holiday ribbons, etc. Hope the wisher likes it.


1 banner, 70 icons.
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Happy Christmas Eve everyone!
Hope you enjoy this random thing I cooked up for you.

Title Untitled Choose (some of) Your Own Adventure story
Author: [livejournal.com profile] mandraco
Disclaimer: This is fanfiction. I didn't invent these characters or settings. I just glued them together.
Rating: PG
Genre: Mostly Gen, Choose your own adventure
Pairing(s) and/or characters: Choose from Max, Alec, Logan, Original Cindy, Sketchy, Joshua, Mole or Normal.
Endings may contain canon-level Max/Logan or Sketchy/OFX5 (Original Female X5).
Warnings: It's second person present tense. So far there are only nine different endings. The link goes off-site and won't be particularly attractive in IE (but you're used to that, right?). Some characterisation was sacrificed for the sake of a generic beginning. I also haven't written/read much DA fic recently.

Summary: It's the first Christmas post-series. To try to increase goodwill toward Transgenics, the residents of TC are throwing a Christmas party. As an invited guest, you have to participate in a Secret Santa present swap.
(The only choice you actually get is which character you are, since drawing a name out of a hat is random.)

Notes: I didn't get as many endings written as I would have liked. I might keep adding more, but I'm running out of ideas. I've probably made a mistake somewhere so if you spot it, let me know in the comments so I can fix it.

If you want to write a ficlet (in second person present tense), send it to me and I'll include it and make sure you get credit. =)
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I maybe went a little overboard and yet didn't stray far from the same theme. I was actually pretty nervous about these until my sister peered over my shoulder and said, "Is that that Supernatural guy?", and then I counted it as a win.

xmasalec5 alec23 alec4
I hope you like these, Wisher A!

20 or 30 (...crap there are almost fifty) more under the cut )


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