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New fic/art is on the way soonish ;) [livejournal.com profile] darkangel_bb is underway and drafts are due at the end of this weekend *\o/*

If you’re just finding out and would like to participate as a writer or artist- YES, you can still sign up! author minbang sign-up here, bigbang sign ups here I know there's a few people that can wip out 5 or 10k over a weekend, so if you're inspired we'd love to have you ;) And of course artist sign ups are still open.

General FAQ and the schedule, A few tweaks in the rules.

We have both a minibang and a bigbang- the requirements are: minibang is 5k (3k minimum for the draft), bigbang is 10k (7 minimum for the draft) however you also need to send in an outline of your ending (if you're working with an artist you do need to know what your ending is & commit to finish in time for posting).

However what we still need are: Alpha readers, betas, and cheerleaders. For those asking themselves what’s the difference?

A beta reader: is all about the SPAG (spelling and grammar, sentence structure etc…)

An Alpha reader: is about plot, characters, character voice- they give you fb as a reader, let you know when and where they fell out of the story- and sometime offer suggestions to help the writer get back on track.

Cheerleaders- some will be happy to read your fic some don’t due to time or their prefered pairing/genre, but they still love and encourage more new DA. They agree to personally cheer you on to wave those pompoms.

Yes a single person can be all 3, or do only one or two aspects of the above.

It would also be lovely to have cheerleaders for the entire group of writers/artists, to show your support would be awesome if you're for the challenge…

If you’d like to do any of the above (Alpha/Beta/Cheerleader) reply to this post what you're willing to do, or hop on over to [livejournal.com profile] darkangel_bb & reply to this post. I'm hoping to host a BIG push for the writers over the weekend to have status checkins on word counts- anyone available to wave their pompoms at any time throughout the weekend is encouraged to pop in - this will probably take place over on [livejournal.com profile] da_crash. Once the location is finialized for sure I'll post & let you know.
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